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Questions to ask your Reception Site

Come equipped with the questions you need answered before booking your wedding reception.  Here is what you will need to find out from your reception site manager:

What are the Costs to Host Your

Property Search in Charlottesville

We are licensed Realtors, and we specialize in representing our clients in the purchase and sale of homes, farms and estates plus income property in the Charlottesville area. We truly love this area and pride ourselves on our knowledge of …

Econo Lodge hotel

Enjoy a dip in our outdoor seasonal pool. For the convenience of our guests we offer Morning Coffee & Doughnuts as well as a seasonal outdoor pool.

You’ll find the adjacent Italian Restaurant, Carmello’s, to be convenient and delicious. Extended …

Questions about Minnies

Where did the idea for Minnies come from?

The idea behind Minnies originated in 1975 when Jonathan Segal’s mother, Joy, prepared miniature sized cheeseburgers for him and his guests at his 6th birthday party. Jonathan wanted to eat an “adult” …

Living in Charlottesville

Well, painting is ‘almost’ finished and updates to the interior of the house are pretty much finished as well. I say “almost” because one room needs to be repainted since when we went back to touch up some spots the …

Bad Wiring in Porch Ceiling Fan

Well, I tackled the porch fan on Tuesday evening. (siding guy installed a new ceiling fan for us when they installed the porch ceiling and it worked initially, but last weekend started throwing the circuit breaker, indicating, obviously, a short …

What Services Does the Wedding Venue Provide?

  • Determine what essential services the reception site provides and what you must contract from an outside vendor.
  • Is there an in-house caterer or a list of preferred caterers? If so, are they the exclusive caterers, or can you provide your

Praise for Gary Elwell’s tennis coaching

“Joe first worked with Coach Elwell on the Charlottesville Catholic School team. Joe tried out for the team at the age of ten with virtually no tennis experience but a competitive spirit and a drive to excel. Gary took those

Charlottesville Golf Properties

If you want to investigate golf-related properties in the Charlottesville area, we are here to serve you.

At Charlottesville Golf Properties, we have created an expert team that “knows the score.” We can guide you from tee to green through …

Charlottesville Train

I’ve been chomping at the bit to prepare a separate page on here detailing and applauding the transportation advantages in Charlottesville. That’s in the works, but meantime we took a weekend off to get out of town via Amtrak’s “Cardinal” …